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Ladi Franklin is a Certified Value Builder™ who offers group and one-on-one coaching to value-growth entrepreneur-owned businesses. She is an Entrepreneurial Thought & Action (ET&A®) Educator and Business Strategy Coach with two decades of experience providing guidance to entrepreneur-owned small and medium scale businesses. Ladi has worked with MSMEs in diverse industry sectors including manufacturing, tourism, agro-processing, creativity, retail, healthcare, personal, and professional services sectors.

Ladi Franklin is Founder and Lead Business Coach at Good Works Coaching and Consulting (GWCC), Trinidad and Tobago. Her educational background includes a B.Sc in International Studies, as well as MBA with specialization in Marketing in Nigeria. She also has professional training in Entrepreneurial Thought and Action (ETA) methodology from Babson College, Massachusetts.

She has nearly two decades of extensive hands-on experience, combined with professional training relating to Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector development. Her professional career spans Africa as well as the Caribbean in which she has held senior level positions including Consultant/Financial Education Specialist (SMEs), Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago and General Manager of the Subsidiary of the Business Development Company,  Trinidad & Tobago, (Caribbean Leasing Company Ltd).  In 2008, she successfully re-purposed her skills and competencies into coaching and consulting. She has coached numerous SME founders from diverse industry sectors including agro-processing, tourism, manufacturing, personal services, food & beverage and creative arts, bringing clarity to their vision and helping them translate their business goals to tangible results.

Currently at GWCC, she works directly with growth/ impact oriented Small and Medium Enterprise Founders providing them the direction, accountability and  outside perspective that is needed to take their businesses to the next level. Her coaching is specifically geared toward helping Clients to develop and implement transformative business models and strategies that enhance productivity, competitiveness and growth in their businesses.

Ladi Franklin

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