Meet Tambran by Tamara

Tambran by Tamara is a luxury eco-jewelry brand that specialised in the creation of one of a kind, handmade, statement jewelry and accessories from the transformation of recycled materials and naturals seeds and fibres. We presently work with used vinyl banners, plastic bottles, tamarind (Tambran) seeds and Donkey eye seeds, palm husks, and many other materials. We product vibrant, unique “conversation starting” necklaces, earrings, clutches, etc for the modern woman. Our main aim is to make women ‘stand out’ and reflect their truest self aesthetically, while maintaining our mantra of promoting zero waste. We partner with companies accross the Caribbean to experiment with their “production material ends” and create thus jewelry and accessories to give these materials new life. We are based in Grenada but our products have reached as far as Asia and Europe. We continue to soar!

Tamara Prosper

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