Meet meme bete

At même bête…, we focus on providing luxury leather bags that are both practical and fashionable. All items are handmade with precision in St. Lucia, to offer you the best quality and finishing.

Our vibrant chic designs are inspired by island life; the colour, the traditions and the history.

Our signature collection features bold ethnic prints with an afro centric flair. The Green Gold Collection captures the rich history of St. Lucia, from the by gone days of agricultural wealth through the farming of bananas. Our woven collection draws memories from traditional straw weaving brought to St. Lucia by the Amerindians. Our bags are not massed produced. Care is placed into each unique, from the choice of fabric to the pairing of leather. You can guarantee that meme bete bags will give your look an unforgettable pop of fun!

Taribba do Nascimento

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