Meet Handelmaatschappij L. Willemsberg N.V.

Handelmaatschappij L. Willemsberg was originally founded in 1961 by Mr. Leonel E.H. Willemsberg, as a sole proprietorship trading in various food items. Today, the General Manager and also the biggist shareholder of the company is Mrs. Susan Tjong A Hung-Willemsberg. Our employees mainly consist of female workers, managers and supervisors. In February 1993, the company was transformed into a Public Limited Company. Meanwhile, Willemsberg N.V. also imported peeled peanuts (groundnuts) for local peanut butter producers.  After gaining years of expertise in importing high quality peeled peanuts, Mr. L. Willemsberg’s son, namely Mr. Clifton Willemsberg, decided in 1980 to start with the production of peanut butter under the name of WIPPY (derived from the name Willemsberg).