Meet Habernero Pepper Sauce Co. Ltd

Habanero Pepper Sauce Company Ltd is an Agri Processing company that manufactures and distributes Premium Pepper Sauces in Trinidad and Tobago using the local Moruga Red, Trinidad Yellow and Trinidad Scorpion peppers.

The tantalizing pepper sauces have been in the family for more than 30 years and was made by my wonderful mother and sold in our small family restaurant where it immediately became a favorite condiment to the customers. Orders were always pouring in especially for customers to take to their family and friends abroad until we decided to make it official and registered the business in September 2011 and started trading in 2012.

Our Mission is to continue providing the Finest Tasting Premium Pepper Sauces and Products by remaining Truthful to the product in using Quality Systems and Ingredients that are not harmful to the individual and the environment – whatever it takes!
Our Vision: To Add Flavour to Life!

Sharon Chautilal

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