Meet EcoFarms

Grace Foster-Reid formed EcoFarms with a vision to create 100 among marginalized people. This family-owned social enterprise is run by a MIT-graduate Engineer and a team of dedicated employees.

EcoFarms innovate honey. We utilize sustainable technology to produce organic-quality products.  We strategically position our bees in remote areas near orchards of coffee, logwood, orange, flowering trees and crops.  Honey from these apiaries is transported to our factory where it is bottled as raw organic-quality honey or used as the main raw material in our products. These products include:

– Buzz HoneyStix – a natural, healthy snacks formed by blending our honey with natural flavours ranging from tamarind to ginger.

– Buzz Mead – this gold medal honey wine is created when we ferment honey with exotic tropical fruit.

– Other products include flavoured honey, pollen and wax candles.

EcoFarms recently partnered with the Jamaica Deaf Village to train deaf youth as beekeepers.

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