Meet Caribbean Cure

The 5 healing teas are handcrafted with premium organic ingredients which contain no additives or artificial flavours.  We feature local healing ingredients and pair them with aromatic natural herbs, flowers and barks to ensure our tea drinkers enjoy maximum wellness in every cup.


Caribbean Sunrise – this is nature’s ultimate elixir and it provides an antioxidant boost and contains anti-inflammation properties.

Moringa Rainforest – We have paired the incredible immune boosting natural tea to create a flawless, delicious and healthy experience.

Carnival Oasis – This tea combines the earthy and aromatic combinations of lightly sweetened cinnamon and mauby bark with a base of red bush tea and a few hints of spices.

Tropical Relaxation – The is a global tea championship winning sleepy time tea.

Island Breeze – This international award-winning delicate tea blend is light and delicately balanced.