Meet Benlar Foods Limited

At Benlar Foods, our vision is to Grow a solid food and beverage company by providing
nutritious, healthy and convenient foods to our customers where ever they are… With a determination to take the concept of ‘selling value and not price’ to build a global brand, Benlar’s core function is focused on producing and selling high quality products for the domestic and international markets.

Product Profile:
Canned Mango Nectar – Made from fresh sun-ripened mangoes, Benlar Mango Nectar is ready to drink directly from the can or add it to your favourite cocktail and enjoy.
Canned Callaloo – This delicious vegetable is a staple on the tables of many Jamaican families. From breakfast to smoothies, callaloo adds the right amount of flavour and nutrition to any dish
Canned Ackee – Ackee is half of the Jamaican National Dish – Ackee and Saltfish. Typically had for breakfast by most Jamaicans, but it can be had with any meal

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