With simple equipment and lots of water, you can turn leftover paper into an elegant handmade product. But to break into a multi-million dollar industry that is steeped in thousands of years of history, paper making on a large scale requires a modern paper mill, and the right business acumen. This combination is more than familiar to Juan Carlos Dussan, Chief Executive Officer of the Caribbean Paper Company.

Established in 1998, the Caribbean Paper Company is a paper-converting firm that receives semi elaborated paper products and converts them into rolls and sheets of paper, including toilet paper, kitchen towels, and institutional hand towels. Operating from two locations in Belize, Caribbean Paper Company employs 58 people. In 2005, the firm diversified to focus on recycling paper, in addition to raw materials such as plastic, metal and scraps. This saw the establishment of the Belize Recycling Company with an additional 35 persons on the payroll.

Most of the company’s major customers are in Belize, but there are plans to gain a greater market share within the other Caribbean territories.

“One of my motivations for starting this company and operating in Belize was my desire to expand across the CARICOM market”, shared Juan Carlos. “The paper industry is very diverse and there any many players but I believe that we have something unique to offer our customers.”

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