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The Caribbean has always been a player in the international hot pepper industry and has been exporting fresh pepper and hot pepper sauces to the traditional markets of the UK, USA and Canada. In 2002, the Caribbean Export Development Agency, CPEC, CARDI and the CARICOM Secretariat agreed to coordinate their resources to provide development support for the industry. The support centred on the preparation of a comprehensive industry report, the execution of market research in USA, Canada, UK, Costa Rica and Mexico and in the hosting of a strategic planning workshop.

To view the market research report click on the following link

Caribbean Export Development Agency, Final Report for Hot Pepper Project Phase one Market Research on the Viability and Export Potential of the Regional Hot Pepper Industry, May 2004.

In 2007, Caribbean Export, IICA and CDB hosted a workshop on the ‘Diversificationof the Hot Pepper Industry through Cross-sector Linkages and Capacity Development’.

To view the report on the workshop click on the following link:

Report on Hot Pepper Workshop – Diversification of the Hot Pepper Industry through Cross-sector Linkages and Capacity Development, May 31 – June2, 2007, Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Jamaica

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