Who: Green Island Inc.

Country:  St Vincent and the Grenadines

Profile: Green Island Inc. is a sustainable energy consulting firm. Its objective is to increase the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the energy supply mix of the Caribbean, creating the transition to a low-carbon regional economy. Green Island Inc is also an accredited auditor for Green Globe certification, auditing hotels and other properties for compliance with Green Globe’s green certification standards.Green Island website homepage


Assistance received: The company received financial from Caribbean Export’s Direct Assistance Scheme in order to upgrade its web presence with a new website.


Impact: The upgraded site allows the company’s web presence to remain fresh and relevant in a changing world. For example, the new site incorporates social sharing features that allow readers to ‘Like’ and share articles on their Facebook and Twitter networks, thereby increasing the potential reach of the website.


Insight:The mission to transition to a low-carbon economy is critical at this time. Shell Oil, one of the biggest oil companies in the world, has just released a report that sums up the challenge thus: ‘Never before has humanity faced such a challenging outlook for energy and the planet. This can be summed up in five words: “more energy, less carbon dioxide’. The report makes it clear that countries that remain dependent on oil for their energy supply will quite simply fail. Any country that wishes to remain viable MUST develop a low-carbon economy that is decoupled from oil,” Herbert Samuel, Founder and Principal Operating Officer.


More information: www.greenislandinc.com/