Direct Assistance Grant Scheme


The Scheme provides assistance to companies to address the constraints they encounter as they enhance their capacity, develop new products or access regional and extra-regional markets. All businesses in the region that have the potential to export their products or increase their exports may benefit from the Scheme. However, priority will be given to companies involved in new sectors such as Creative Industries, Health & Wellness, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Professional Services, as well as, those undertaking projects or activities that are innovative (i.e. new, products, Intellectual Property Rights, strategic alliances, etc).



Projects must be aimed at one or more of the following objectives.

·Increase the competitiveness of firms in the Caribbean region

·Take advantage of the CSME or any other bilateral or multilateral arrangements signed by the region such as vertical or horizontal alliances across the region or with ACP or EU partners

·Foster intra regional cooperation to enhance productivity and take advantage of economies of scale

·Promote programmes which will impact on underdeveloped areas or disadvantage sectors within the region (rural areas, women, etc)

Eligible Projects

  • Research, development and innovation
  • Advisory services
  • Product and service development
  • Marketing services and activities (trade fairs participation, trade mission, in-market activities, etc)
  • Quality and environmental systems
  • Promotional material (brochures, catalogues, cds, videos, etc)
  • Training programmes
  • Implementation of IT solutions (website, e-commerce, multimedia, etc)
  • Market research and testing
  • Packaging, design
  • Intellectual Property activities (brand registration, patents, etc)

Applications must be received in hard copy (one (1) original and one (1) copy) in a sealed envelope by registered mail, courier or by hand-delivery (see Section 2.2.2 Guidelines to Direct Assistance Scheme) at the Head office of Caribbean Export’s in Barbados (Mutual Building, 1st Floor, Hastings Main Road, Christ Church) OR at the Sub-Regional Office in Dominican Republic (C/ Carlos de Lora No. 9, Los Restauradores. Santo Domingo).