Who: Busy Bee Enterprises
Country: Jamaica

Jennifer Julien Laudat


Profile: Busy Bee Enterprises is a bee farm which operates bee hives at two locations in Manchester, Jamaica. It is managed by Alicia Graham. The farm, which was set up in 2006, sells bottled honey to supermarkets and in 2009 began a queen-rearing project with guidance from Jamaica’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Assistance received: Through the Scheme Busy Bee Enterprises and four other bee farmers were able to start using the new Bee-O-Pac process, an innovative comb honey package developed by Bee-O-Pac Sphere Technologies. The process can double the output of comb honey and earning per hive.

Impact: The grant enabled Busy Bee Enterprises to acquire additional hives and test Bee-O-Pac at several locations, producing samples of comb honey and preparing for full production at the next honey season.