Who: Baron Foods Limited.

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Baron Foods Limited produces a range of condiments and beverages which includes exotic sauces, spices and drink cocktails. Their authentic and distinctively Caribbean-style of condiments transforms each and every culinary endeavor into a gourmet experience. Several of their products have won International awards in North America and Europe and the company has been named Manufacturer of the Year by the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce and the St. Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association for several years in succession.  Managing Director Ronald Ramjattan has won the coveted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Initially employing 23 people in 1991 Baron Foods has grown to over 100 employees producing more than 100 different products and exporting 45% of production.

Assistance received:

Baron Foods has worked with Caribbean Export since their inception in 1991 when Caribbean Export provided technical assistance with establishing their quality control systems.  Foreseeing that food safety  could be a barrier to trade for market entry, especially in European markets, Baron Foods were keen to ensure they achieved the highest level of certification (HACCP and ISO), enhancing quality control systems at every opportunity.

In addition to technical assistance Baron Foods have been the recipients of funding via the Direct Assistance Grant Schemes and have been involved in Study Tours to Europe and Trade Missions.  Baron Foods view their relationship with Caribbean Export as a partnership where Caribbean Export is a valued partner that has invested in Baron Foods.


Through partnering with Caribbean Export, Baron Foods have consistently grown year on year by up to 12%.  Their investment of time and resources to attend study tours to UK, Germany, France, Latin America, Dominican Republic and most recently Cuba has aided expansion into new markets and thus maintain their growth rates.  Partnering with Caribbean Export in a Trade Mission to Trinidad & Tobago, showcasing their product at the Trade Investment Corporation (TIC) Expo permitted analysis of the market through direct marketing, the results of which proved substantial enough to make positive steps to invest in Trinidad.

Baron Food Limited, now ships over 250,000 cartons of produce to Europe annually and has grown significantly since the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).   Founded in St Lucia, the company has expanded its manufacturing to Grenada with funds received through the Direct Assistance Grant Scheme and, in 2013, will set up another satellite plant in Trinidad and Tobago.


Baron Foods continually strive to be a step ahead of their competition locally and internationally and have innovation at their core.  Understanding that customers need to be invigorated and visually excited Baron Foods have been innovative in their packaging, implementing subtle changes to keep it fresh and unique and “whilst we are certainly proud of our achievements thus far, we are energized by the many tasks that remain for us to achieve and we are committed to accomplishing even more” says Managing Director, Ronald Ramjattan.

For more information on Baron Foods Limited visit their website: http://www.baronfoodsltd.com/