Who: Bahamas Heart Centre and the Cancer Centre Bahamas


Country:  The Bahamas


Profile: These two medical facilities specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the two biggest killers in the Caribbean – heart disease and cancer.


Assistance received: The facilities were awarded grants under the EU-funded Direct Assistance Scheme implemented by Caribbean Export. This was to increase regional awareness of the depth of their services, equipment and personnel, including open heart and cancer surgeons, oncologists, paediatric and other specialists and support medical staff.

Impact: Increase the knowledge of the service being offered in the region.

What beneficiaries have to say: “The funds will make it possible for us to provide information about our competencies, services and tiered payment solutions so persons in the Caribbean do not have to feel compelled to leave the region, but feel a sense of comfort in knowing they can be treated close to home.” – Dr. Conville Brown, MD, MBBS, FACC, one of the founders and CEO.


For more information: www.thecancercenter.com