Who: Automotive Art

Country: Barbados

Profile: Automotive Art is a retailer of auto-care products and services. It services a network of 27 franchised stores and distributors in over 20 countries around the Caribbean region, including Belize and Suriname. The company was launched in 1990 by founding partners – Dereck Foster and Hugh Blades.

Assistance received: Under our Direct Assistance Scheme, Automotive Art received interventions for two projects – trade show participation and marketing for Art Holdings, and e-commerce and website development for F&B Automotive.

Impact: Through the technical assistance received through Caribbean Export, Automotive Art was able to jump start its B2B e-commerce platform by acquiring the hardware, software and consultancy resources needed to get the platform up and running in a timely manner.

What beneficiaries have to say: “E-commerce is a way of life in the US and we needed such a presence in order to be relevant and competitive in that market. Grants such as these can give us an edge in developing our competitive legs in the context of the international marketplace.” – CEO, Automotive Art, Doug Armstrong.

For more information: www.automotiveart.com