Artist Career Development ProgrammeWho: Artists’ Career Development Programme


Country:  Jamaica


Profile: The programme seeks to develop the artistic sector in Jamaica.


Assistance received: Funding provided under Caribbean’ Export’s Direct Assistance Grant Scheme assisted the programme to realise its objective of sponsoring 30 artists to practice their art full time and to prepare them to join the international art business community.


Impact: The project funded by the Direct Grant Assistance Scheme has made an impact on several levels:


·         Two artists have had their paintings valued and used as collateral, and some have arranged to trade art for the creation of professional websites

·         Project-sponsored artists have passed the scrutiny of world acclaimed artists such as Howard Moo-Young and Alexander Cooper to win places at the Jamaica Guild of Artists annual exhibition

·         Several artists participated successfully in a Cluster exhibition in London (Jamaica: Life, Light and Landscape)

·         The introduction of Andrea Haynes-Peart’s Kitchen Product Line, now on sale in hotels and gift-shops in Jamaica

·         Management of the new Ritz Carlton Gallery in Montego Bay, Jamaica by Betty Glanville and Sharon Fox-Mould. The gallery is building sales for artists

·         Partnership between the Jamaica Art Management Services and the Jamaica Conservation Trust to create an exhibition of 20 paintings of endangered and endemic species of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. The park is tipped to become a World Heritage Site. Prints and a coffee table book are also on the cards

·         The genesis of an art agency managed by the consultants who participated in the project and who have enhanced their skills and knowledge of the industry



What beneficiaries have to say: “Cultural funding has the potential to make a difference in the artistic sector in Jamaica.  As a result of the difficult economic situation which Jamaica faces, artists are forced to export art at increased levels, and require assistance to do this, therefore formalisation is the logical step.” Sharon Fox Mould, Coordinator of the Artists’ Career Development Programme (ACDP)