Welcome to Caribbean Export’s Road to Success, an online campaign that shares useful tips and information with those interested in exporting products and services. We’ve pulled together a range of content that will be shared each week on social media over the next few months. Along the ‘Road to Success’, we’ll cover several topics including research, training and workshops, finance and resources.

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The SME Diagnostic Tool assess your product or service, how your business is managed, it’s marketing and financial situation. It is designed with a standardized and recognized expert-based methodology, which is internationally used to accurately assess SMEs and identify areas where development is required.

Assess your export readiness
Is your business export-ready? Why not to take our export-readiness assessment to find out what areas of your business can be enhanced to meet your export goals.
Team assessment
Having the right management team is crucial if your business plans to export and grow. Assess your management capacity with our #SMEDiagnosticTool
export and grow
Prepare to successfully enter and compete in an export market by identifying the areas of your business which may need improvement. Participate in our export readiness assessment.
Marketing Message
Is your marketing message reaching the right audience? Review your export marketing strategy by participating in our export readiness assessment
The #SMEDiagnosticTool assesses your product, management, marketing and financials.
Get export ready
There are a number of key areas which need to be considered when preparing to export. Visit the #SMEDiagnosticTool to assess your product’s readiness
Assessment report
You’ve completed the export ready assessment …now what? You’ll receive a report which provides direction for adjustments to be made to your business to enhance overall capacity and competitiveness.


The CE-Intelligence Portal is an online platform that provides the information and tools to support your business growth strategy into new export markets.

Are you interested in exporting your product or service but unsure where to start? Get ahead of the game. Start your market research at
Discover where to export your products and services based on industry demand. Run a search at to find the markets with the highest demand for your product.
Female cosmetic spend by age
Are you interested in exporting to Europe? Get up-to-date market insights for various sectors in the resources section of the CEIntelligence portal.
Does your company currently undertake market research for the new export markets or sectors? Visit the CE Intelligence portal and review the ‘Export Guides’ tab for information on developing an export marketing strategy and more.
Caribbean plants
The Caribbean has numerous indigenous plants such as aloe vera and moringa, which are used for their natural health benefits and they provide a huge opportunity to fulfill the needs of the growing demand from Europe’s health and wellness sector.
Before you export it’s important to know the rules and regulations that your products must comply with to successfully access your target market. Ensure that you know what is required.