1. We were aware that earlier there was a RFP for an Investor Perception Survey and Analysis for CARIFORUM. We are working towards preparing a proposal in response to the request for the plan. To better prepare the proposal, we were wondering whether the survey was conducted and whether a copy of the results might be available to us for review. Response: The Investor Perception Survey for CARIFORUM can be downloaded using the following link: Investor Perception Survey fro CARIFORUM-Final Report

2. a. What is the total value of the contract?

Response: US$110,000 has been noted in the RFP as the ceiling for this contract.

b. Will accommodation costs for consultants in-country will be covered by CEDA?

Response: Yes, in accordance with EU guidelines

c.  Will travel within and between the CARICOM countries will be covered by CEDA?

Response: Travel within and between the countries will be covered by Caribbean Export accordance with EU guidelines

3.  Is there a restriction on the type of applicant? Can we apply as a firm or must it be as individual consultants?

Response: Either “type” of application is acceptable.

4.  Since the consultancy is to be funded with EU resources, is there any preference for EU companies/consultants who submit proposals? Or will all the firms/consultants who submit proposals, regardless of their nationality, be considered under the same terms? Would a US firm qualify to bid on this?

Response: If the proposal for this project is submitted by a US firm/US national, it would be deemed ineligible.  The rule on nationality noted in our Procurement Guidelines states: “Participation in the procurement process is open on equal terms to all legal persons. In order to foster competition Caribbean Export may permit corporate bodies and individuals from African, Caribbean and Pacific States and European Union Member States to participate.”

5.  Regarding the general terms of reference, the link on the website goes to Annex1. Is this correct? Are there any further terms of reference? I do not see any requirement for company information especially related to financial situation.

Response: Annex 1 is the only Annex and there are no other terms of references. We have not requested company financial information. We will need information on your company’s registration to ensure that you meet nationality requirements but this will be at the time of contracting if you are selected.

6.  Regarding the Technical evaluation grid, inside the Organization and Methodology, what do you expect in the rationale chapter? What is the difference between the rationale and the strategy?

Response: The rationale speaks to the reasons or principles employed in arriving at a decision. It defines why a particular choice was made, what is the basis for your conclusion, why the particular information or assumptions were relied on, and why the conclusion is deemed credible. So this is the justification for the Strategy that will be proposed. The Strategy is the method or plan chosen to bring about a desired goal. In this section we want to be able to evaluate the logic behind the methodology proposed.

7.  Regarding the Technical evaluation grid, in the section on Experts:

a. What would be the difference between “specific professional experience” and the general experience? Is this where we can put the company experience and track record?

Response: Yes, but please highlight from this experience those projects that are similar/ relevant to the work to be undertaken – this is the specific experience we refer to.

b. Is the Team of experts limited only to 3 key experts? Can we include more than 3 experts?

Response: You can include more than 3 experts but the skill sets defined in the RFP are those that are required. Also, please note that although you may opt to add other experts to your team, the project ceiling price remains the same.

c. All the experts (individually) have to comply with the requirements? Or all together?

Response: All together

8.  Can the financial proposal be submitted as one part of the technical proposal document? or Does it need to be submitted as a separate document?

Response: The financial proposal and technical proposal can be submitted together in one document.

9.  Does the proposal document have a maximum length in number of pages?

Response: No

10.  Does the quotation (max 110.000 USD) include VAT or other international related taxes?

Response: The price quotation covers the maximum sum that will be paid by Caribbean Export for this project.

11.  The traveling and accommodation expenses related to the project are going to be covered by CEDA? or do they have to be accounted for in the financial proposal?

Response: These will be covered by Caribbean Export as per EU guidelines. Also, please note that the number of team members participating in any mission will have to be approved by Caribbean Export.

12.  We plan to conduct interviews with CARIFORUM members, will the trips to the Caribbean for those interviews will be covered by CEDA?

Response: The RFP speaks to travel to all 15 CARIFORUM states for the conduct of interviews. These will be covered by Caribbean Export following EU guidelines. Please be guided by Section 8, specifically section 8.1 of the terms of reference.

13.  For the evaluation of proposals, if contract price is noted in the RFP, why would a financial evaluation be required?

Response: Section 8.1 notes that, “The total cost of the consultancy will not exceed US$110,000…” This is a maximum sum so we anticipate that costs may still vary based on each firm’s estimation of expenditure associated with this assignment. The evaluation of financial proposals is necessary for Caribbean Export as the Agency is required to demonstrate to donors that we have selected proposals that are technically and economically advantageous.

14.  Is it possible to subcontract specific activities to a US based and registered company?

Response: Please note that Caribbean Export would not be able to award a contract to an ACP or EU firm that has sub-contracted the services to be provided under the assignment to a US firm – as US firms cannot benefit from funds under the European Development Fund.