Deadline Date:

A Virtual Trade Show is proposed for September/October 2020 to allow selected 2019 Business Forum firms and firms with export potential to showcase their products and services to engage potential EU importers (buyers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers) to secure contracts for their goods and services.

Scope of Work

The overall objective of this project is the hosting of a virtual trade show for selected CARIFORUM exporters in the agro-processing (sauces and condiments, natural ingredients, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, natural food products, beverages including rum and spirits) and services sectors (music, film and animation) to engage EU buyers and secure contracts for their goods and services through business-to-business (B2B) meetings.

Specific Objective

Specifically, this initiative seeks to retain the services of a technology contractor who will develop and manage a web conferencing solution (virtual trade show platform) that will allow selected CARIFORUM firms to showcase their products and services and engage with EU importers through B2B meetings to secure contracts.


A web conferencing (virtual trade show) platform with the following minimum features that can support at least 50 CARIFORUM firms and 50 buyers:

  • Online floor plan/designated event ‘spaces’ such as lobby, theatre, marketplace, exhibitor booths and chatrooms for B2B meetings
  • Presentation of on-demand digital content such as presentations, brochures, price lists and 3d product views
  • Pre-recorded video product demos
  • E-commerce compatibility for purchase of products/services
  • Event registration and attendee directory
  • Exhibitor-buyer matchmaking appointment system
  • Data management and event analytics
  • Dedicated virtual Event Manager

Required Documentation

A technical and financial proposal for services with relevant supporting documents and digital material/demo of potential solution and project plan/schedule should be sent by email to Mrs. Natasha Edwin-Walcott at [email protected] and copied to Dr. Damie Sinanan at [email protected] no later than 4:00 pm AST 3rd July, 2020.


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