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The INTERREG TEECA project was launched in 2018. The programme aims to accelerate trade within OECS Member States by providing assistance to companies based in Martinique and the English-speaking countries of the OECS which wish to access to other markets. The INTERREG TEECA project fosters forging win-win partnerships within the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the region.

The overall objective of this consultancy is to enhance the export competitiveness of TEECA Fashion companies by:

  • Increasing their knowledge and understanding of the opportunities for exporting their products in the OECS and further afield;
  • Increasing their capacity to develop and implement export strategies for targeted markets.

Scope of the work

Description of the assignment

The purposes of this contract is to provide support to the TEECA Music Companies in the Development of an Export Strategy.

Specific work

The contractor/consultant will be expected to deliver the following:

  • Recommended mechanisms to increase reciprocal exports of products & services between the OECS and Martinique.
  • Training guide containing templates tools for export planning to assist the music companies in developing their export projects
  • Comprehensive training workshops for SMEs to prepare them to export their products and services.
  • Templates/guides aimed at developing communication tools and improving online presence
  • A comprehensive report setting out the training workshop outcomes

As a result of the assistance (export strategy and training programme) the TEECA beneficiaries will have to submit a reviewed business plan to the consultant and the TFT. This plan will have to be implemented before the end of the TEECA programme.

The consultant is expected to assist the TEECA Trade Facilitation Team during the first month of implementation.

A briefing meeting with the TEECA Implementation Team, the CBU and the CCIM will be held to discuss objectives, activities, expected outputs and any issues related to the execution of the project that require clarification.

Due to the sanitary regulations, the consultant is expected to only use remote work tools. The contracting authority will not cover any travel expenses.


For any inquiry concerning the completion of their application, candidates should send, at least 3 days before the deadline for the submission of applications, their written request to the attention of:

Ms Stéphanie PUJAR
[email protected]
0596 55 2858 – 0696 24 31 67