Deadline Date:

Objective & Purpose

The overall objective of the support project of which this contract will be a part is to contribute to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in the Dominican Republic through the digital transformation of the country, rapid economic growth, stimulating innovation, creating jobs, fostering the development of eServices and speeding up access to quality public and private services in order to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

The three-fold purposes of this support project are as follows:

Purpose 1: To assess and evaluate the level of development of digital economy with the focus on the exporting sector and the potential of the digital market and its impact on growth and employment in the Dominican Republic;

Purpose 2: To develop a three-year Marketing and Commercial Strategy for the Dominican Association of Chacabana Manufacturers as the best practice value-addition exports of the Dominican Republic and a framework for support to digital entrepreneurship and innovation;

Purpose 3: Develop and operationalize an online e-Commerce platform for the export-ready members of the ACHADOM.

General Scope of Work

The Support Project will utilise the services of two contracted experts to provide a range of highly-specialised technical services to the Association of Chacabanas Artisans of the Dominican Republic (ACHADOM). These services involve:

  • Consultations with the beneficiary business community, support and government institutions at national level as required;
  • Consultations with the Caribbean Export Development Agency as required;
  • Provision of the key technical support as stipulated in these terms of reference;
  • Preparation of technical reports in the areas covered by these Terms of Reference.

In addition to the reports required under Section 7.1 of these Terms of Reference, the contracted team of experts will prepare monthly briefs for inclusion in the TradeCom II Programme’s newsletter.

Interested consultants should review the full terms of reference and contact Mr Giovanni Cervioni, Project Manager [email protected]