Deadline Date:

The Virtual Song Writing and Music Production training will be based on the delivery of training sessions on the theory and techniques of song writing, music production; and, a practical programme involving a collaborative approach to writing and composing music for the regional and global markets. The training will seek to attract a cadre of top regional and international music experts with thorough knowledge of the Caribbean music scene, who through their combined skills will deliver the training in the areas identified for the training programme. The trainers/experts will be expected to bring a range of skills in song writing, music production and experience in working with groups of artistes to create music content.


  1. Prepare and submit to Caribbean Export the outline/curriculum for the training programme to focus on the transfer of knowledge, skills and techniques of song writing and music production as well as the concept/approach for engaging the song writers and producers to create new content; this will include the topics for the theoretical elements of the training, total number of hours for each aspect of the training, the training schedule as well as a breakdown of the methodology for delivery;
  2. Identify and submit the names of a team of leading regional and international producers and publishers with their biography (to be accepted and approved by CEDA and CBU) to undertake the training;
  3. Deliver the entire training programme as stated above;
  4. Work with CEDA and CBU to select the top songs to move on to a virtual music showcase.

Required Documentation

The Applicant will at a minimum submit the following:
Technical and financial proposal for services addressed to the Services Specialist. The proposal should be sent by email to [email protected] copied to [email protected] no later than July 23rd , 2020.