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Caribbean Export, recognizing the role it plays in private sector development, and under the 10th EDF RPSDP in 2015 launched an SME Diagnostic Tool to assist firms directly.

The SME Diagnostic Tool is an online tool that, as the name suggests conducts a diagnosis of a firm along four main business areas, namely; Product and Service, Management Capacity, Marketing, and Finances. After the input and review of this business profile and data, in addition to basic company information, the tool uses an algorithm to assess the variables. Following this standardized expert-based methodology, the tool outlines the individual firm’s strengths, weaknesses as well as opportunities and areas for remedial action. The tool can be viewed and accessed at

Since the launch of this SME Diagnostic Tool, Caribbean Export has introduced and encouraged the use of the tool throughout the CARIFORUM region. With the support of Business Support Organisations (BSOs), Trade Promotion Organisations (TPOs) and Small Business Development Centres (SBDCs), this tool has been effective in undertaking firm needs assessments as part of their suite of capacity building support programmes.
The SMEs that have used the tool fall within one of the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing including agro-processing;
  • Creative industries such as music, film, animation, fashion
  • Professional Services (management consultants, architects)
  • Information Communications Technology
  • Tourism
  • Health & Wellness
  • Renewable Energy

Over 1000 firms have completed the SME Diagnostic Tool, producing a critical mass of rich information to Caribbean Export. Thus, the opportunity exists for Caribbean Export as the custodian of this vital information to undertake an in-depth assessment and analysis of this data to identify trends that can be observed, benchmark firm performance and make comparisons along industry and/or sectors and countries. It is envisaged that this assessment will provide Caribbean Export with a wealth of material to complement and advocate for SME development in the region.
A comprehensive benchmarking of the data set can therefore yield even more critical intelligence to allow Caribbean Export to tailor make its support to BSOs, TPOs and SDBCs as they execute their capacity building work programmes, leveraging CE’s reach and impact.


The overall objective of this project is a comprehensive analysis of Caribbean Export’s SME Diagnostic Tool data set to benchmark firm performance and make comparisons by industry, sector and countries, thereby providing Caribbean Export with a wealth of material to complement, advocate and strengthen Caribbean Export and CARIFORUM BSO capacity towards SME development in the region.

Specifically, this project seeks to retain the services of a consultant (s) who will:

  • Synthesize, collate and evaluate the quantitative and qualitative information extracted from the SME Diagnostic Tool to benchmark and compare SME firm performance along industries, sectors, individual CARIFORUM countries and the region.
  • Identify common strengths and weaknesses among CARIFORUM firms by industry, country and sector.
  • Undertake desk research into best practice economies to showcase and benchmark CARIFORUM performance.
  • Present the findings as part of a thorough in-depth benchmarking study that underscores the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of CARIFORUM firm competitiveness. This would allow Caribbean Export and regional BSOs and TPOs to make decisions based on scientific and measurable evidence for targeted interventions for the overall institutional strengthening and economic sustainability of CARIFORUM firms.


A technical and financial proposal for services, including understanding of the project, available experts and qualifications, project schedule and budget should be sent by email to Mrs. Natasha Edwin-Walcott at [email protected] , copied to Dr. Damie Sinanan at [email protected] no later than 4:00 pm AST 27th June 2020.

Please note the project cost is EURO 25,000.