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In light of high conventional energy costs, Barbados presents a multitude of interesting investment opportunities in energy efficiency, renewable energy and other green projects. Based on recent studies, opportunities for advancing these through appropriate financing can however be challenging. In recognition of this, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Central Bank of Barbados, by means of a guarantee fund, aim to incentivize financial institutions to provide credit under favourable conditions for Barbadian enterprises and their green projects.

This service is provided by a group of local and international specialists and is FREE OF CHARGE FOR YOU.

If you have a renewable energy project (solar, biofuel, wind, etc), an energy efficiency improvement (HVAC, boilers, etc.) or any other type of green project (green buildings, recycling, etc) we would be pleased to provide advice at NO COST to access competitive interest rates, low collateral requirements, and facilitate the credit evaluation procedure with the financial institutions.

Please find attached additional information on the scope of the work, requirements and contact info.