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Starting in 2022, the GreenToCompete Hub will support Caribbean MSMEs from the three initial target countries (Barbados, Saint Lucia, and Guyana) in understanding and complying with voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) through a pilot coaching program that aims to implement better sustainable practices.

Therefore, the GreenToCompete Hub Caribbean invites enterprises from Barbados, Guyana, and Saint Lucia to express their interest in receiving support and supervision in adapting “Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS)” in their businesses.

A minimum of 15 MSMEs per target country will be selected in the Caribbean across sectors to participate in the VSS module activities.

MSMEs will receive coaching from several ITC-trained experts who will work with Caribbean MSMEs from end of January 2022- May 2022. The trainers/coaches of the VSS coaching program will support the MSMEs in:

  • Designing a sustainability action plan with MSMEs based on their self-assessment against the selected VSS.
  • Facilitate company-specific coaching session(s), e.g., on the use of ITC’s Sustainability Map.
  • Follow up with MSMEs on the implementation of the action plan, provide support on connecting with certifiers and/or financial institutions.

The VSS Coaching Program for MSMEs is scheduled to start end of January 2022 and will continue for a 3-4 month period until May 2022.

Interested MSMEs from Barbados, Guyana, and Saint Lucia can apply for this program through the link below by January 17, 2022:

Download the full expression of interest

For more information, please contact:

Majda Grine, Project Manager of the GreenToCompete Hub Caribbean (International Trade Centre: [email protected]


Markson Gill, Advisor on Competitiveness and Export Promotion (Caribbean Export Development Agency: [email protected]