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Caribbean Export is seeking the professional services of a consultant whose primary goal will be to design, develop and maintain the OCC 2019 website. The website will serve as a tool to raise awareness and promote the OCC 2019 event that will be held on 25-29 March 2019 in Curacao. It will also be used as the premier tool for visibility and communication between potential delegates and event organizers.


Under the 10th EDF, Caribbean Export in collaboration with CAIPA developed the Regional Investment Promotion Strategy (RIPS) with one of the main priority sectors for joint promotion of the Caribbean being the Outsourcing Sector. The promotion of the sector began in late 2015 and continued into 2016 with outward missions to target markets such as the UK, Mexico and the USA. In 2016, data on the outsourcing sector in the Caribbean was collected and work on defining the region’s value proposition began in earnest with the development of a promotional booklet on the sector in the region, developed with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank. The priority sectors for the Caribbean that have been identified are: Contact Centers; Finance and Accounting; Human Resources Outsourcing; Legal Process Outsourcing; and Shared Services.

The continued promotion of the outsourcing sector is envisioned under the 11th EDF with the hosting of a promotional event in Curacao on 25 to 29 March 2019 with training sessions scheduled for 26-27 March and an Expo and Conference scheduled for 28-29 March. The hosting of the event will realize the following goals:

  • Secure the participation of 300 delegates to the Conference and Expo with participation in pre-Conference training sessions;
  • Create an opportunity for potential investors to learn more about the investment opportunities in the Caribbean, showcasing the region’s value proposition in the outsourcing sector;
  • Provide an opportunity for the outsourcing sector in the Caribbean to connect with industry peers, building a network in the region that will allow for the forging of new business associations; and
  • Create a platform for public and private sector dialogue on issues related to the outsourcing sector, of interest to all stakeholders.

In 2017, a similar event was hosted, and a website was developed for this event. It is envisaged that the new website to be developed under this consultancy, will serve to archive the information on the website developed in 2017, showcase information for the 2019 event and host information on future events.

The site will be used by delegates interested in participating in the OCC2019 event including but not limited to: potential investors, connectors, outsourcing sector service providers including telecommunications firms, training institutions, site selection advisers and influencers, among others, interested in the proposition of the Caribbean as an Outsourcing destination.


Interested parties are required to download the full terms of reference and submit a technical and financial proposal to Christopher McNair, Manager, Competitiveness and Export Promotion at [email protected] copied to Suzette Hudson, Snr. Advisor, Investment Promotion at [email protected]

The deadline for submissions is 4:30pm Barbados Time on 27 August 2018

Download the full terms of reference here.

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