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Training on quality management systems, certification management and tasting (cupping) for the benefit of the Federation of Northern Cocoa Cooperatives (FECCANO), as part of the Binational project to support the cocoa / chocolate value chain.

Under the 11th EDF bi-national Programme, Caribbean Export along with its bi-national partners are pursuing the development of a Binational Value Chain Strategy for the Cocoa/Chocolate sector in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, in order to maximize the potential export from both countries.

As part of the Strategy, ten (10) beneficiaries from the cocoa sector in Haiti and the DR were identified, (five (5) from each country), to be part of the Value Chain Project and an individual strategy / detailed Action Plan was prepared for each, to improve its quality and international competitiveness, including possible collaborations with other international institutions.

In August 2020, Caribbean Export started with the implementation of the individual strategies and action plans for the beneficiary companies of the Project.

This consultancy has been developed in response to an immediate need for the beneficiary company Fédération des Coopératives Cacaoyères du Nord (FECCANO).


The objective of this consultancy is to provide the staff of FECCANO in Haiti with practical information and knowledge on quality management, international certification requirements and cocoa tasting.

To this end, this assignment seeks to retain the services of a consultant(s) or firm that will conduct training covering a range of topics, inter alia. This training will:

• Lead to the certification of quality managers who will be internationally recognized and who will speak the same language as the other players in the sector at the global level, in particular, buyers of specialty cocoas to EU the market;

• Teach how to evaluate and recognize the taste families of cocoa;

• Educate about roasting and the different methods of preparing derivative products;

• Teach how to recognize and identify the peculiarities of the cocoa bean;

• Highlight the role and importance of management system certifications and product certifications in FECCANO’s export strategy.

2.1 Specific Activities
To achieve the expected results, the consultant(s) or firm will, at a minimum, do the following:

  1. Participate in a kick-off meeting with Caribbean Export and FECCANO to define, clarify and agree on training content and course dates / times etc.
  2. Propose a detailed course program for the training with dates and times proposed for validation by Caribbean Export and FECCANO.
  3. Development and realization of a module combining theory and practice around cocoa farming, cocoa beans, tasting and initiation to roasting. The training will include theory and practice. This is a set of technical knowledge to certify Quality Managers with basic knowledge in quality and tasting in order to better represent the cocoa of the Network. The training will have enabled participants to test their taste capacities through a universally recognized method and facilitate quality Managers to be able to highlight the qualities of Haitian cocoa.
  4. Prepare and send all necessary materials and / or reading lists that are part of the course to all participants before the start of the training.
  5. Prepare and manage the Certificates of Participation to all participants.

Interested persons are kindly asked to review the full terms of reference and submit a technical and financial proposal electronically to Ileana Tejada, Senior Advisor – PSD and Investment Promotion at [email protected].

The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2020, 4:00 pm (Dominican Republic local time).

Note: this consultancy must be conducted in French.