Deadline Date:

1. Background Information/Rationale

Caribbean Export is a trade and investment development agency focused on supporting private sector development in the Caribbean. Caribbean Export aims to optimise the export potential of MSMEs, as well as highlight the investment potential of the Caribbean to the international community with the ultimate aim of creating meaningful jobs, generating prosperity and alleviating poverty.

Caribbean Export must understand the needs of the private sector, markets of interest, and donor community. This will be achieved through the development of integrated communication channels that engage with these parties effectively. The communication channels that build brand awareness and share information to all stakeholders will help the Agency to build trust with its audiences and retain its relevance as an effective trade promotion service provider. The Agency’s online knowledge hub and communications channels support visibility campaigns to ensure that beneficiaries remain informed of and engaged with the Agency’s services. Further, visibility and effective communication assures donor partners that the Agency will implement funds effectively.

According to the 11th EDF mid-term evaluation report on the Agency, “… PR and visibility activities are excellent and state of the art” (pg. 35). In the report, the Agency was also repeatedly mentioned as “champion of visibility and PR” (pg. 35).[1]15. Notwithstanding this recognition, the Agency understands that much more must be done in this area in what is a hypercompetitive donor and funding environment.
The Agency has made huge strides in the last 2 years in terms of reach via the digital platforms namely website, mailing list, social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram).

The key issue remains reach. This can be broken down to:

  • CARIFORUM exporters not being aware of Caribbean Export.
  • CARIFORUM exporters not understanding how the Agency can assist.
  • Lack of awareness of the impact of the Agency’s work with the international audience (and regional).
  • A lack of understanding of the EPA (CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement).
  • Utilisation of the Agency’s online resources e.g., MI portal, SME Diagnostics Tool, Services Registry etc. 

In view of this, Caribbean Export seeks to work with a producer/production company to develop an online video podcast series which addresses some of the most pressing concerns of exporters/potential exporters

2. Specific Objectives

The specific objectives for producing the Talking Export Video Podcast are:

  • Provide useful information to CARIFORUM exporters that supports their exporting endeavors.
  • Sensitize and create awareness across the CARIFORUM region primarily on the issues faced by the private sector.
  • Educate and expose CARIFORUM markets to the critical role the private sector plays in supporting the regional economy.
  • Promote exports as a viable business growth strategy.
  • Strengthen the Caribbean Export brand throughout CARIFORUM and promote the Agency as the go-to organisation for export services.
  • Disseminate information related to Caribbean Export’s programmes and other regional initiatives that could benefit the private sector.
  • Position Caribbean Export as a thought leader and authority on trade and investment promotion.

3. Commencement date and period of implementation of tasks

This consultancy is expected to commence on July 1, 2022, for a three (3) month period ending September 30,2022.

4. Required Documentation

  • The Applicant must submit a proposal outlining the services offered, including examples of previous work together with a quotation in Euros.
  • Applicant Declaration Form

Proposals together with the Applicant Declaration Form must be submitted to Deidre Brathwaite at [email protected] , Digital and Social Media Officer no later than 5:00 pm AST on June 21, 2022.

Email subject line: Talking Exports Video Production