Deadline Date:

General Objective

The overall objective of the consultancy is to review the human resource structure of the Agency in terms of roles and functions to help Caribbean Export ensure that the staffing and associated job descriptions are adequate to fulfil its mandate. The consultant will undertake this work bearing in mind the Strategic Plan that is proposed to the Agency’s Board of Directors and regional and global best practices.

Specific Objective

More specifically, the consultancy will also review the job descriptions of staff to determine if they accurately reflect the functions of the positions required by the organisation’s structure and also, if the tasks performed by the staff are aligned with their job descriptions.

Scope of Work

The consultancy will undertake the following tasks:

  1. Review Caribbean Export’s strategic plan 2021 – 2024 and assess the effectiveness of the current organizational structure vis a vis the plan.
  2. Review existing job functions in the Agency vis a vis existing terms of reference.
  3. Assess relationships and gaps if any between job functions and terms of reference.
  4. Based on (1) – (3) above, recommend a best fit organization structure in accordance with regional and international best practices.
  5. Review and update job descriptions as applicable.
  6. Recommend a system of job classification of positions with salary levels as applicable.
  7. Review current HR Systems and capacities and make recommendations as appropriate.
  8. Prepare a draft HR policy.
  9. Undertake additional tasks as required.

Deadline for submission of proposals

The Applicant should submit, in addition to any other relevant supporting document, a technical and financial proposal for services by email to Glyne Hewitt – Manager – Operations (Ag) at [email protected] no later than Friday, July 23, 2021.