Deadline Date:
27 May, 2022
5:00 pmAST

1. Background Information

Relevance and visibility are critical success factors for Caribbean Export. In the 2020 beneficiary survey, 86% rated the Agency’s interventions as effective and very effective. In the area of investment and trade promotion, the Agency currently competes with institutions nationally, regionally, and internationally that have similar mandates. It is therefore imperative that Caribbean Export remains relevant in view of the competition for funding and partnerships, and to respond to the evolving needs of the private sector. To better understand these needs, the engagement of our stakeholders through integrated communication channels is critical. The communication channels that build brand awareness and share information to all stakeholders will help the Agency to build trust with its audiences and retain its relevance as an effective trade and investment promotion organization. The Agency’s online knowledge hub and communications channels support visibility campaigns to ensure that beneficiaries remain informed of and engaged with the Agency’s services. Further, visibility and effective communication assures donor partners that the Agency will implement funds effectively.

Over the next 3 years, the Agency will place greater focus on results reporting to highlight achievements, successes, and the impact of its services for beneficiaries and the region. This requires greater communication and engagement with underrepresented CARIFORUM states to ensure maximum visibility and ultimately participation from those states. A robust communications strategy, built on external and internal communications, with traditional and digital communications tactics and channels, will be critical to support the Agency’s success.

In view of this, Caribbean Export seeks to work with a public relations firm to support the increased engagement and visibility of the Agency with regional and international media.

2. Objective, Purpose and Expected Results

2.1 Overall Objective
The overall objective of the Consultancy is to increase the visibility of Caribbean Export with media in CARIFORUM and internationally whilst positioning Caribbean Export as a leader in private sector development within the international development arena.

2.2 Specific Objectives
Specifically, the consultancy aims to provide public relations services to Caribbean Export.

2.3 Purpose of consultancy and expected results
The purpose of the Consultancy is to increase media engagement through supporting the writing and distribution of press releases, coordinating interviews and the placement of articles. It is expected that as a result of the increased engagement, a greater number of people in the Caribbean will be aware of Caribbean Export and the Agency will be known as a thought leader in private sector development internationally. It is expected that the website traffic and the average daily views is increased by 15% as a result.

3. Required Documentation

• The Applicant must submit a proposal outlining the services offered, including examples of previous work together with a quotation in Euro’s.
Applicant Declaration Form

Proposals together with the Applicant Declaration Form must be submitted to Ms. JoEllen Laryea, Senior Advisor – Marketing and PR at [email protected] no later than 5.00pm AST on May 27, 2022.