Deadline Date:

The Contractor is expected to identify information, documents and major studies on the music sub-sector in the OECS and conduct interviews with key stakeholders through virtual means. The Contractor will deliver the following stakeholders through virtual means. The Contractor will deliver the following:

A detailed export opportunity study to guide product/service suitability in the markets identified by OECS music industry SMEs which will include a plan outlining constraints and challenges with clear guidelines on approaches for overcoming those challenges;a plan to provide guidelines for promoting and marketing music supports to target markets and groups and; reference material with listings of resource persons, associations/networks, festivals/events, fashion professionals etc

Start date & Period of implementation of tasks

The intended start date is November 2020 and the period of implementation of the contract will be six months from this date.

Reporting requirements

The Contractor will submit the following reports in a French version translated by a certified translator.

  • Inception Report of maximum 20 pages to be produced after one week from the start of implementation. In the report the Consultant shall outline the proposed methodology and propose a detailed work plan. This report will also capture agreed timelines, approach and any potential changes to project design that are discussed at the inception meeting. The Consultant should proceed with the work unless the Contracting Authority sends comments on the inception report.
  • Draft final report. This report will present the expected results. After receiving the comments on the draft report from the parties, the consultant will submit an updated version incorporating the comments received. The deadline for sending this update version is 15 days after receipt of comments from the parties.
  • Final report. The final report must be provided along with the corresponding invoice.

Consultation files can be accessed and downloaded at :

The deadline for submissions is November 23rd, 2020 at noon (Martinique time)