Deadline Date:

The objective of this project is to develop a joint inspection protocol that will address and include the following points and actions:

  • Specify when and how the goods that are the object of cross-border exchange are to be physically inspected in the primary border areas by the customs officials of the two countries.
  • Specify where this inspection is to be carried out in the primary zone of the Dominican Republic or in the primary zone of Haiti.
  • Review the legal texts of the two countries to find out if there are any legal incompatibilities that prevent this joint action and how to proceed in the event of any violations of legal provisions of one or both countries that may occur during physical inspections; specify who would apply the sanctions according to the place where the inspection is carried out or as agreed in the inspection protocol.
  • Address the recognition of the controls applied by both parties.
  • Identify and evaluate the provision of capacity or physical verification areas and the use of non-intrusive verification mechanisms such as scanners etc.
  • Establish directives on carrying out joint operations at the specified border points and in the most vulnerable border areas with the highest incidence of illegal transfer of goods, among other.
  • Recognition of controls and inspections carried out by customs officials.

The joint inspection protocol must also:

  • Include an implementation plan for each action that clearly identifies the sequence of actions to be carried out towards the full implementation of the protocol.
  • Consider / identify potential changes in customs regulations that may be necessary to allow the execution of such actions of the joint inspection protocol.
  • Define the responsibilities of each stakeholder, challenges risks and a mitigation plan

Required Documentation

Candidates must at a minimum submit the following:

  1. A technical proposal submitted which should include at a minimum the consultant(s) profile, an understanding of the project, project methodology, availability and qualifications, timetable/Gantt chart for activities; and
  2. A detailed proposed budget in euros (EUR) including all relevant taxes.
    All proposals must be submitted in French and Spanish. Once selected, the consultant and the proposed team cannot be changed.

Submissions of Offers

Offers should be submitted by 17:00 hrs (Haiti local time) on Friday 30 July, 2021 to the following e-mail addresses [email protected] and [email protected] with the reference “ Haiti-DR Customs Cooperation Protocol”.