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Caribbean Export seeks to develop and/or strengthen the Handicraft/Fashion/Accessories/Jewellery Binational Value Chain. The Agency seeks to map a comprehensive diagnosis for the selected binational value chain with a view of developing a joint strategy and action plan for the promotion of the same and to deliver financial and technical assistance to selected beneficiaries of Handicraft sector in each country, taking into consideration the difference and the balance between both countries, for the implementation of the action plan.

This consultancy seeks to develop a strategy for the Handicraft sector in Haiti and an action plan for the benefit of both countries. It further seeks to identify potential binational partnerships and to build business-to-business/ artcraft village contacts that would facilitate the creation of this value chain.

Interested parties are kindly asked to review the full terms of reference before submitting proposals to Kerline Marseille – Senior Advisor, Private Sector Development of the Haiti/Dominican Republic Bi-National Programme, no later that 17:00hrs (Haitian time) on June 14, 2019, to [email protected] with the reference “Handicraft/Fashion/Accessories/Jewellery”.

TOR – Binational Value Chain Strategy (ENGLISH)

TOR – Binational Value Chain Strategy (FRENCH)

TOR Binational Value Chain Strategy (SPANISH)

Read the full report on the “Identification and Mapping of Binational Value Chains within high-potential sectors between Haiti and the Dominican Republic”