Deadline Date:

General objective

The overall objective of this project is:

The overall objective of this project is to showcase some of the new offerings and talents of selected CARIFORUM music practitioners and to engage with international and regional buyers/distributors to generate interest and negotiate contracts for their Caribbean music goods and services through targeted B2B meetings and participation in relevant festivals and tradeshows.

The expected outcome of this activity would be the execution of a music showcase and facilitation of B2B linkages for Music practitioners between CARIFORUM and the international music industry.

Scope of the Work

The Consultant will be required to:

  1. Submission of a technical and financial proposal to Caribbean Export to include the subject areas, define and clarify project parameters and timelines for completion of the project
  2. Attend an inception briefing describing the methodology to be undertaken in completing the assignment and recommending how potential constraints to successful completion of the assignment will be handled.
  3. Identify and engage with and secure at least thirty (30) potential music practitioners (buyers/promoters and/or production or distribution companies, publishers major record labels, music industry executives, promoters, brand and technical developers, and other major musicians) within the European, United States, Latin American, Asian, and African markets to facilitate their attendance to the virtual music showcase.
  4. The consultant must provide a list that includes full contact details and background profile of each potential music buyer/promoter and/or production or distribution companies, etc. with confirmation of attendance.
  5. Ensure the coordination of all B2B meetings. To achieve this objective, specific activities shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    • Develop a schedule of Business to Business (B2B) meetings;
    • Organize and facilitate the meetings for each recruited production or distribution company;
    • The buyers have committed to attend the trade show by 19th November, 2021;
    • Management of all meetings for selected music practitioners with buyers/agents/distributors; and
    • Facilitate discussions towards securing the negotiations contracts for CARIFORUM music practitioners and/or production or distribution companies within Europe.
  6. Coordinate a virtual music showcase for the performances of selected CARIFORUM musicians in an event that will better showcase CARIFORUM musicians to reach new buyers, audiences and generate exports and revenue.
  7. Produce a Market Intelligence Report for the Music sector;
  8. Provide recommendations to Caribbean Export on any additional actions necessary to further enhance the capacity of the music industry in CARIFORUM, in order to increase exports.

Required Documentation

The Applicant will at a minimum submit the following:

Technical and financial proposal for services addressed to the Services Specialist. The proposal should be sent by email to [email protected] and copied to [email protected] and [email protected] All no later than 4:30 pm Barbados time, October 8 , 2021.