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Caribbean Export is seeking the professional services of a consultant whose primary goal will be to develop training materials on social media marketing, as well as facilitate a related workshop with Caribbean IPAs, with a view to building the capacity of CAIPA members in the development of a social media strategy and the effective execution of that strategy.


The global use of social media is steadily increasing, rising from 1.2 billion users in 2011 to 2.5 billion in 2017. These numbers are expected to increase to 3 billion in 2021.    This trend is largely being driven by the widespread availability of affordable smartphones, accessible Wi-Fi coverage and expanding 3G and 4G networks. Estimates show that as much as one-third of the global population and 71.0% of internet users, will access social networks at least once a month.  Given the significant reach of social media, it has become a pivotal platform for marketing and promotion – to connect with users, offering information and interaction at one’s fingertips.  This trend presents an excellent opportunity to communicate a brand and build perception and awareness. According to Social Media Examiner, 85% of marketers surveyed reported the top advantage of social media is to generate brand exposure, while 52% maintained that they used it to generate qualified leads (Deloitte, 2011).

This trend has led Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) to increasingly make the decision to integrate social media as a part of their promotional toolkit – to more effectively perform functions of image building, investor and sector targeting, investor facilitation and policy advocacy, as well as address new types of investment, utilizing a more solutions oriented approach, rather than that of a location promoter. Social media presents IPAs with the opportunity to adopt an integrated approach to marketing, aligning offline and online marketing.

Social media experts such as Dave Evans, have cautioned against handling social media marketing as a quick, easy or cheap tool.   Instead, they have noted that it requires dedication, sufficient and adequate resources and time, as well as a full understanding of potential legal ramifications. To ensure success and professionalize social media utilization, it is recommended that IPAs develop an internal and external social media marketing strategy – determining their objective (e.g. raising awareness of the agency services, optimizing the landing page on the IPA‘s Web site, driving visitors to the IPA website, generating new customers); identifying their target audiences (e.g. potential investors, location selectors, opinion leaders); and quantifying the needed resources (financial and human capital).

For Caribbean IPAs, the use of social media in promotional efforts could be of significant benefit if effectively and appropriately utilized. Through this technical assistance, Caribbean Export is seeking to develop the capacity of Caribbean IPAs in the effective and appropriate use of social media marketing in investment promotion through hands on training and equipping for the development and execution of a social media strategy.


Interested parties are required to download the full terms of reference and submit proposals to Christopher McNair, Manager, Competitiveness and Export Promotion at [email protected], copied to Suzette Hudson, Senior advisor, Investment Promotion at [email protected]

Please request a response to ensure receipt of your submission.

Deadline for submissions is 4:30 pm Barbados Time on March 30, 2018

Download the TOR – Capacity Building for CAIPA Members in Social Media