Deadline Date:

The objective of the consultancy

This consultancy has its primary objective to support the GreenToCompete Hub – Caribbean, hosted by Caribbean Export, in preparing an Access to Green Finance supply and demand study.

Description of Duties/Responsibilities

The consultant will work under the direct guidance of the ITC Manager for the GreenToCompete Hub Caribbean and will undertake the following duties:

Access to (green) finance Landscape Study (30 days)

The consultant will conduct a desk study of the finance offering for MSMEs with a specific focus on green offerings and for MSMEs in the tourism, services and light manufacturing sectors. The consultant shall not focus on the agricultural sector, if it is not for a green finance offering targeting agricultural MSMEs.

The consultant shall include finance offerings provided by multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors, investment agencies, trust funds, local commercial banks, and other local financial institutions operating in the Caribbean region. The consultant will complete the following tasks:

  1. Review existing ITC materials and external studies on the financial offering for MSMEs in the Caribbean.
  2. Identify through desk research and interviews locally operating financiers (including banks, investors, and government support schemes) that have financial products for MSMEs in terms of green finance and finance for the tourism, services and light manufacturing sectors in the Caribbean Region.
  3. Compilation of all information in a mapping report following ITC templates.

ITC will provide relevant existing ITC reports & studies to review. ITC will provide a template for the mapping report to guide the consultant to execute his/her work and prepare the report.

Demand for green finance by MSMEs (20 days)

  1. Conduct an Access to Finance survey with MSMEs and financiers/investors using ITC’s survey template and hold interviews with at least 15 MSMEs and 5 financiers/investors (5 per target country: St. Lucia, Guyana and Barbados).
  2. Analyze the survey results to identify the main challenges by MSMEs to access to green finance, identify causes for gaps between green finance and MSMEs accessibility, and document the outcomes for each MSME interviewed.
  3. Document the outcomes of the survey and follow-up interviews in a short 5-8 page interview report.

Prospective candidates are invited to submit their application by sending their CV to Mrs Ann-Kathrin Zotz at [email protected] by midnight CEST/6PM AST – 12 August 2021.