Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic and St. Lucia have won awards, after placing among the 16 regional finalists in the World Bank’s Second Regional Statistical Innovation Competition.


First place for the Caribbean sub-region went to Eurotrace applied to Trinidad and Tobago’s trade statistics, created by that country’s Central Statistics Office. This program reduced the response time for data requests from local and foreign users.


The 2007 National Household Income and Spending Survey of the Dominican Republic’s Statistical Office obtained second place. Carried out with transparency and comprehensiveness throughout the process, the data obtained with it allowed users to investigate household income, measure spending and break down its destination at the product level.


Third place went to the Statistical Mapping of St. Lucia’s Central Statistical Office. This application improves the Census data usage efficiency in order to geographically localize the poor with high precision.


Some 177 programs from 26 countries participated in the competition, divided in three categories: censuses, surveys and administrative records. Nearly 50% of those were from the Caribbean and Latin American region.