Jamaica’s Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, Damion Crawford says problems being faced by entertainers in the region can be eliminated with the creation of a registry for entertainment practitioners as well as an event rating system.

Crawford was a panelist at the Caribbean Export Colloquium in Barbados on November 11 and 12, 2014 where the focus of the discussion on Tuesday was “Clearing the Hurdles: Key Issues affecting Caribbean private sector competitiveness”.  He said as it relates to travelling in the region and beyond, the registry will serve as a “one stop” source of information related to the artiste.

“The approach is to first understand the concerns of the receiving nations, what are the concerns of nations like the United States? We want to have our artistes travel but the US also wants border control, they want to say that the person is a legitimate artiste”

He said the government registry of artistes means that embassies can pull up information immediately.

“The first barrier of unawareness of who are legitimate practitioners in an effort to protect borders can be mitigated somewhat by having government registries.  The junior minister said another concern in the Caribbean is the moral impact of entertainers.

He believes this can be solved by establishing event ratings – a system that was implemented in Jamaica earlier this year.

The event rating system, is intended to be a guide for entertainment practitioners and the general public on what should be offered to the public and what people should expect from entertainment events.

by Kathy Barrat