The Regional Council of Martinique/Caribbean Export Invest Karaib Project approved by INTERREG IV Caraibe

The Regional Council of Martinique and Caribbean Export Development Agency received formal approval under the project INVEST KARAIB for which an Advisory Committee will have oversight, to undertake initiatives aimed at deepening  cooperation in the areas of trade and investment between Martinique and CARIFORUM States.

INVEST KARAIB was approved by the selection committee of INTERREG IV Caraibe during its meeting held in Martinique on June 22-23, 2010, and the project, valued at €1.5 Million, will be co-financed by both European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) and European Development Funds (EDF). The approval has set a precedence whereby the European Union and its Member States hereby represented by the European Commission has agreed to support a project to be co-financed by ERDF and EDF resources.  This initiative demonstrates the commitment of the European Union, CARIFORUM States and the FCORs to regional cooperation and economic development.

INVEST KARAIB’s main objective is to enhance cooperation between the Regional Council of Martinique and Caribbean Export Development Agency in order to promote the regional cooperation between the FCORs and the CARIFORUM States in the area of trade and investment. The project, which will be implemented during a twenty-four (24) month period (2010-2012), and is expected to achieve the following   : Read More