The rich flora and fauna, spectacular waterfalls, and mountainous landscape, are all features of Haiti’s tourism product that were presented at the 19th edition of the Binational Ecotourism Fair held in Comendador (Elías Piña Province) a border-zone town in the Dominican Republic from the 7th to the 15th of November.

The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export), within the framework of the 10th European Development Fund (EDF)  Haiti-Dominican Republic Binational Programme, sponsored the participation of Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism, and Haitian artisans to showcase the diversity and talent that the country has to offer.   Ecotourism 2015 2

Eight Haitian artisans in different handicraft sectors (metalwork, stonework, beading, textiles, etc.) participated alongside the Ministry of Tourism and under the coordination of co-organizer FONDTAH – the Foundation for the Haitian Foundation for the Development of Alternative Tourism. FONDTAH’s President, Mr. Jean Camille Bissereth, has been co-organizing the Binational Fair with his Dominican counterpart for over a decade, and acknowledged the importance of Caribbean Export’s support in the sector stating “With the help of Caribbean Export, the Haitian handicraft sector has the potential to supply all of the Caribbean region with creative and quality craft works that can be inserted in the tourism supply chain.”

The Binational Ecotourism and Production Fair also served as the stage for the launch of the Binational Programme’s visibility component – both National Authorising Officers – Mr. Charles Jean Jacques of Haiti (BONFED) and Mr. Antonio Vargas of the Dominican Republic (DIGECOOM) together with European Union Ambassadors, Ambassador Vincent Dégert (EU Delegation in Haiti) and Ambassador Antonio Navarro (EU Delegation in Dominican Republic) voiced the importance of supporting binational collaboration where culture, commerce and solidarity is exchanged between the two island-sharing nations.


pictured from left:

Mr. Escipión Olveira, Deputy Executive Director of Caribbean Export

Mr. Jean Claude Merine, Deputy Programme Manager, Binational Programme Trade Component

Ms. Johanne Barthelemy, Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries

Ms. Maryse Noel, General Director of Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries

Ms. Melany Rodriguez, Binational Project Team Coordinator, Caribbean Export SRO