Caribbean and Central American investment promotion agencies will be represented on the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA). The decision was confirmed at the WAIPA World Investment Conference 2010 held in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the end of June. This will allow them access to networking opportunities, participation in WAIPA events and training activities and access to the dissemination of content identified by WAIPA as relevant to its Member agencies. Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA) supported by Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) is also to work with WAIPA to arrange a regional WAIPA meeting in a Caribbean country in 2011.


The theme of the conference was Sustainable Growth and Investment: Drafting a Plan of Action. It addressed the challenges of the current economic recovery, pending international financial reform and investment financing and the role of innovation in sustainable development.


Topics covered included:

· Sustainable Investment and Financial Reform: On the path to Recovery. Participants discussed statistics showing that emerging countries are leading the global economic recovery, as well as the decline in greenfield projects (new investment projects) and new entries because of caution among foreign direct investors. It was felt that domestic markets had a key role to play in attracting investment, as well as projects focusing on economic improvements and social inclusion.

· Evolving Business Models: Balancing Sustainability and Profitability. Looking at the example of Africa, participants considered business models which included local inputs as well as women in the workforce. The new models included driving productivity and contributing to the community, educating human capital and balancing the interests of social and environmental impact.

· The role of Innovation: Investing to Feed and Fuel the Development of an Inclusive World. Participants considered the positive impact of foreign direct investment, highlighting the innovative example of Argentina, which used Microsoft to enable more than 500 companies and 7,000 certified teachers.

  • The IPA Opportunity: Using Intelligence to Influence Investment Location Decisions. This session considered relevant and current information that should be presented to potential investors. It was suggested that social networks represent useful channels for sourcing information on social patterns.

Caribbean Export was represented at the WAIPA conference by Senior Investment Advisor, Dixie Rampersad-Pfister.