Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association (C-SWA) continues to advance its goal of making the region the preferred spa and wellness destination for tourists. Recently C-SWA’s chairman, Mr. Steve Andrews, C-SWA’s secretary Mr. Julian Boyce along with Mrs. Tracie Richards, Administrative Assistant at Caribbean Export Development Agency and Mr. Denzil Phillips, the consultant analysing the sector, went on a study tour to Belize. Although there were areas of concerns identified by the sector in Belize (training, easy access to products from other Caribbean islands, governmental inspection, advertising, institutions for training of professional within the industry; workshops, marketing and standards and certification), the mission objectives of building awareness of the activities of Caribbean Export Development Agency and, CARTFund Health and Wellness Project and the role that C-SWA can play to support the sector’s  development in Belize was deemed a success. The Belize spa and wellness sector is moving in the right direction. Belize’s more established spas are staffed by experienced employees, who have completed training in New Orleans, Canada, Europe (Italy), Trinidad and Cuba. These spas are also keeping abreast with current trends relative to the range of their service offerings and the use of technology. The Spa and Wellness Sector is expected among the beneficiaries of Belize Tourism Board’s two year action plan that will help it to meet the demands of the 21st century.