The inaugural Regional Investor of the Year Award launched in September 2013 in collaboration with the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA). The awards were designed to highlight the contribution of both local investors within the region and foreign investors to the region.   A regional investor is defined as an investor into one or more of the aforementioned territories in the region.  These investors are key participants in regional economic growth and their contributions include the creation of job opportunities, adherence to high standards of corporate social responsibility, notable monetary spending and significant fiscal support to economies through the payment of corporate taxes.

The Regional Investor of the Year Award also seeks to recognize investors in strategic areas of importance to the region, e.g. green energy, research and development, projects that involve a high degree of innovation and creativity and those that are championed by women.

The awards presented include: Local Investor of the Year, Foreign Investor of the Year, and a Special Awards based on the assessment of the Evaluation Committee.  An overall Regional Investor of the Year is selected from the winners of these categories. The awards serve not only to laud those who, in spite of a challenging economic environment have continued to lend vital support to both burgeoning and established industries in the Caribbean, but to encourage other investors to do the same.

RIYA 2015/16 – Award Winners

The RIYA 2015-2016 turned its attention to innovation bringing focus to the local and foreign investors in the region who have invested in a new idea, introduced a new device to the market, created an invention or introduced new practice methods that have been translated into a goods or service creating value, satisfying a specific consumer need and has created significant socio-economic impact. A special award was also given to a young investor in innovation whose investments are particularly noteworthy.

Regional Investor of the Year and Special Award – Kikaboni (Healthy Flow Agroindustrial SRL)

Local Investor of the Year – DU BOULAY’S BOTTLING CO. LTD.

Foreign Investor of the Year – Lenstec Inc.