Under the implementation of the 11th EDF Regional Private Sector Development Programme Grants have been awarded to 171 CARIFORUM firms.

DAGS 1st Call for Proposals2018

Funding was approved for firms in the following sectors: agriculture, tourism, agro-processing, manufacturing, professional services, ICT, creative industries, renewable energy, distribution, timber and food industry.

Country/ FirmSum Requested ( € )
Antigua 177,404.59
Carib -World Travel
Inn La Galleria
Lamblion Group Co. Ltd
Ruth’s Place
Susie’s Hot Sauce
Blue Waters Productions Inc
Cybele Botanists Inc
Fiberpol Inc
Megapower Ltd
Belize 89,547.27
Belize Chocolate Company
Belize Diving Adventurers Limited
Naledo Belize Limited
Dominica 88,592.00
Caribbean Agro Products Corporation
Rodney’s Wellness Retreat Inc
Dominican Republic 135,780.68
Distribuidora ML, SRL
Flaquer & CIA, SRL
Procesadora Vizcaya
Grenada 92,944.31
Grenada Distillers Ltd
Sonover Inc
Guyana 200,000
BrainStreet Group
Cummings Wood Products
Edward B Beharry & Co. Ltd
Plympton Farms
Haiti 139,097.44
Glory Industries
LEOS / Essentielle Bio-Service
Rebuild Globally Haiti S.A
Jamaica 539,902.60
Aquarium Fish Exports Jamaica Limited
BAUGHaus Design Studio
Carita Jamaica Limited
Coffee Solutions Limited
Dawson Trading Company Limited
Eco Farms
Irie Rock Yaad Spa
Jamaica Fibreglass Products Limited
Maxfield Bakery & Pastries Limited
Quality Systems Solutions & Initiatives
Southern Fruits and Food Processors Ltd 
Tijule Company Limited
Touch By VLS
St. Kitts 35,000.00
Reach Hamilton Estate Community
St. Lucia 72,933.00
Baron Foods (St.Lucia) Ltd
Tenderoni Foods inc.
St. Vincent135,708.00
Hotel Alexandrina, Inc
Vincyfresh Limited
Young Island Resorts
Fernandes Ice Cream N.V
soRena’s Winery N.V
Trinidad & Tobago241,132.31
Abas Limited
BPI Genethics Ltd
Calibra Solutions Limited
Caribbean Cure Limited
Trinidad & Tobago Fine Cocoa Company Limited

DAGS 2nd Call for Proposals – 2019

Funding was approved for firms in the following sectors: agriculture, tourism, agro-processing, manufacturing, professional services, ICT, creative industries, health & wellness, distribution and environmental management.

Country/FirmSum Requested (€)
Lamblion Group Co. Limited
Banks (Barbados) Breweries Limited
Cybele Botanists Inc.
West Indies Rum Distillery Limited
Caribbean Paper Company
Corridgeree Belize Limited
Hot Mama’s – Belize Limited
Layou Park Nature Farms (LPNF)
V F Inc
Dominican Republic149,873.28
Distribuidora ML, SRL
Flaquer & CIA S.R.L
Laboratorio MK, SRL
Procesadora Vizcaya
Ron Barcelo, S.R.L
Belmont Estate Fine Chocolate Inc
BrainStreet Group
Caribbean Surgery Inc
Cummings Wood Products
Woods Direct Inc.
A Taste of the Caribbean Limited
All Natural Caribbean Spice
Ansel Development Limited
A-Z Information Jamaica Limited
Central Food Packers Limited
Home Choice Enterprise Limited
Island Products Manufacturing Company Limited
Jamaica Macaroni Factory Limited
Journey’s End Wine Company Limited
P. A Benjamin Manufacturing Company Limited
Rainforest Seafoods Limited
Shavuot International Holdings Company Limited
Tijule Company Limited
St. Kitts30,000
Demerara Distillers (St. Kitts & Nevis) Limited
St. Lucia200,221
Celestial Self Development Corporation T/A Franklin Covey East Caribbean
Greening the Caribbean
Natmed Limited
Sunfresh Limited
Tenderoni Foods Inc
Tolyn Manufactures Limited
Viking Traders Limited
St. Vincent79,560
Gonsalves Liquors Limited
Grenadine Sea Salt Limited
Vincyfresh Limited
soRena’s Winery N.V
Caribbean Cure Limited
Caribbean Well Service Company Limited
Del Mano Food Limited
Fashion.Art.Music (FAM) Ltd
Fresh Start Limited
Hadco Limited
Imanex Limited
L & S Surveying Services Limited
Paywise Limited
Studio Jay Recording Limited

DSGP Call for Proposals – 2020

Funding has been approved for firms in the following sectors: agriculture, tourism, agro-processing, manufacturing, professional services, ICT, creative industries and health & wellness.

Country/ FirmsSum Requested ( € )
Antigua & Barbuda45,000
BGK Ltd.
KW101 Caribbean Holiday Apartments
Lamblion Group Company Ltd.
C & G Star Trading Limited
Curacao Laboratories (Barbados) Limited
Fiberpol Inc.
Wyndhams CTL Inc.
Belize Chocolate Company
Calico Jack’s Village Ltd.
Rainforest Remedies Limited
Commonwealth of Dominica45,000
DCP Successors Limited
Jaydees Naturals
Rodney’s Wellness Retreat Inc.
Dominican Republic35,043.75
Berges Dreyfous & Asociados, SRL
Caribbean Labs & Traders
Procesadora Vizcaya
B & F Holdings Ltd
De La Grenade Industries, Ltd.
Michelle’s Confectionery
Innovative Systems Incorporated
New Horizons Investments
Personalised Gifts Guyana
Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation S.A.
Audate Saint Lot et Co (AgroBizz)
Bijou Lakay
D. E. G. Enterprises SA
Arosa Limited
BAUGHaus Design Studio
CNC Wellness Ltd.
Coffee Solutions Limited
Dawson Trading Company Limited
EnvironMed Limited
Herboo Corporation Limited
Irie Rock Yaad Spa
Jamaica Fibreglass Products Ltd.
Jamrock Tours Limited
Kokobeenz Limited
Kountry Delight Enterprise Limited
Quintessential Beauty Jamaica Limited
Shavuot International Holdings Co. Ltd.
Southern Fruits and Food Processors Ltd.
Spur Tree Spices Jamaica Limited
Taynas Body Care
Wynlee Trading Company Ltd.
Saint Lucia73,358.95
Accela Marketing
Cacoa Sainte Lucie
eMagine Solutions Inc.
FDL Consult Inc.
The Windward Islands (Winera) Packaging Co. Ltd.
Saint Kitts & Nevis29,782.71
National Handicraft and Cottage Industry Development Board d.b.a. The Craft House
Sugar Town Organics
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines15,000
Ocean Marine Shipping Agencies Ltd.
Tan Bun Skrati N.V.
The Bahamas45,000
Kairos Maritime Services Ltd.
One Eleuthera Foundation
The Coconut Factory
Caribbean Sheet & Tubular Industries Limited (CA.S.A.T.)
Island Experiences
Land Ice and Fish Ltd.
Media & Editorial Projects Limited
Micro Milling Limited
North Eleven