Caribbean Export is seeking the professional services of a consultant who will be tasked with the responsibility for designing, executing and reporting on research which comprehensively maps the renewable energy (RE) industry in CARIFORUM. Accordingly, this study will determine the status of key industry variables which are of interest to Caribbean Export.

This consultancy is being executed within the context of Caribbean Export’s implementation of the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Regional Private Sector Development Programme (RPSDP). Within the context of the RPSDP, Caribbean Export has identified energy costs to be a significant variable impacting the international competitiveness of CARIFORUM firms and therefore recognizes the potential for the uptake of renewable energy (RE) technologies and energy efficiency (EE) measures to contribute to sustainable economic development. In this regard, a key specific objective of the 11th EDF RPSDP is to build capacity at the firm level in order to increase export competitiveness through increased innovation and greater utilization of green energy alternatives.

The formulation of this objective of the RPSDP finds its basis in the Agency’s broader recognition that CARIFORUM’s energy systems are undergoing destabilisation and transformation as a result of political, economic and environmental pressures to decarbonise and enhance both economic and environmental resilience. The electricity system, which is typically the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, is on the frontline of this energy transition owing to its cross-sectoral impact. Moreover, the structure and operation of the electricity system is a major contributor to foreign exchange reserve pressure, fiscal deficits and public debt with serious implications for energy security, energy affordability and energy access in CARIFORUM. It has therefore been the primary target of national energy policies aimed at decarbonisation and increased electrification.

This evolving energy transition is creating new economic opportunities across CARIFORUM. However, notwithstanding these opportunities associated with energy transition, a high degree of heterogeneity is observable across the energy sector amongst CARIFORUM countries. Individual CARIFORUM countries are unique in their size, energy mixes, rates of RE penetration, regulatory frameworks and the relative importance of energy security, energy affordability and energy access issues. These differences across CARIFORUM countries coupled with the rapid evolution of the industry across the region, have created knowledge gaps which limit the Agency’s ability to develop tailored evidence-based interventions which support the uptake of RE and EE technologies pursuant to the objectives of the RPSDP. This consultancy endeavours to minimize these knowledge gaps.


The deadline for receipt of proposals is February 21st. Submissions should be sent to:

Mr. Markson Gill, email address: [email protected], with a copy to, Dr. Damie Sinanan, email address: [email protected]