Connecting buyers and sellers is a priority of Caribbean Export and the growth in e-commerce globally has demonstrated the need for suppliers to bring products to the doorsteps of buyers. It has also demonstrated a need for Agencies such as Caribbean Export to support our stakeholders in the delivery of e-commerce models that can be duplicated/replicated across the region. However, e-commerce in Caribbean countries is currently in the early stages of development. The challenges in the region include issues such as financial costs, access to the Internet, security of e-transactions, cost and availability of freight, among others.

Given the foregoing, the Agency decided to approach the issue of e-commerce in stages, addressing the most important need among all who participate in e-commerce: a) the sellers who need to promote their products to potential buyers who are searching online and b) the buyers who need to access information online about products of interest. The B2B platform was therefore developed to mitigate the challenges CARIFORUM firms face in establishing an online presence that will assist in market penetration.

The B2B portal is intended to provide firms with a single, easy to use, web-based platform that will facilitate the introduction of potential business contacts, company profiling and viewing of available products/services, and provide a unique location for preliminary business discussions to take place. It also includes a market place where firms can identify products and services that they demand, or are able to supply, making it easier to source regional goods and services.

Caribbean Export is seeking the professional services of a User Experience (UX) Designer, to augment the operation of Caribbean Export´s B2B Portal website, enhancing the attractiveness and ease of use of the site, elevating the overall user experience. The consultant will also be expected to promote the use of the site by buyers and sellers, providing membership support where needed.


  • Conduct a comprehensive review/UX audit of the current B2B site to identify benefits and drawbacks to users;
  • Propose recommendations to enhance the website based upon the UX audit, including a recommendation to rename the URL to the site;
  • Following discussions with Caribbean Export on the audit findings and recommendations, implement the changes to the site that will enhance the UX including, design elements and functionality; and
  • Promote the use of the site by buyers and sellers, providing membership support where needed, including but not limited to registration support.

A financial and technical proposal should be submitted by each candidate by 18 February 2020 at 4:00 pm EST. Please also include a copy of the Curriculum Vitae of the lead consultant being proposed for this assignment. All submissions should be sent to:

Ms. Suzette Hudson, email address: [email protected] with a copy to Ms. JoEllen Laryea, , email address: [email protected]