T.A.L.E.N.T (Trekvoy Art & Literary Endowment for the Naturally Talented) was formed in July 2011 by Aisha A. King, Juliette Ste. Rose and Kebra Smith to develop the cultural and creative expressions of Barbadians. Since our inception, creating the animated “Zana Series” which features books and animated educational awareness videos has been one of the main focal points.

Unique Business Proposition & Vision/Mission Statement
Vision: “To use art to promote and maintain a safe, clean and culturally rich society that encourages full participation by and respect for all Barbadians; We also aim to play a meaningful role in developing the cultural and creative expressions of Barbadians through education, broadcasting, cinematography and entertainment.”
In moving towards our goal of establishing a culturally rich society we will:
• Cultivate taste in and encourage greater appreciation for Barbadian cultural expressions by promoting the art forms within communities and in institutions of learning.
• Organise cultural events such as concerts, plays, exhibitions, festivals and fairs.
• Host educational events such as public lectures, classes and programmes for the benefit of the community.
• Publish books, booklets, pamphlets and other educational, developmental and informative materials.
• Promote cultural research, provide training and conduct symposia and workshops for Barbadian cultural practitioners.

Company Achievements: Successes, Awards, References etc.
In 2016 we were the recipient of a grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which is committed to further enhancing its engagement with civil society organisations and providing technical and financial support to projects with community action with a global impact.

Sustainability Aspects
We strive to make the series a sustainable IP that can aid in the creation of others and the honing of skills for talented people throughout Barbados. T.A.L.E.N.T also has access to the latest technology and Harmony software updates.

Company Product/Service Range
T.A.L.E.N.T Animation Team Barbados offers 2D Cut-out Animation services utilizing Toon Boom Harmony Software. Our skill sets also include but are not limited to; Animation, Rigging, Background & Character Design, and Production Management.

Differentiators, what makes your Company, products, services special?
Our Animators have been trained, mentored and work alongside some of the industry’s best. We work cohesively to see projects through to its end.

Current market position, Company growth plans, Export experience and capabilities, production capabilities, Company/product certifications.
Our core team comprises of six (6) seasoned animators as well as an Animation Freelance Team of persons who can be added to larger rojects/productions.

Our IP, The Zana Series breaks down the process of climate change into short stories and encourages the children at the primary school level to be part of the mitigation process. We will also have other pitch bibles available for review.