Parachute Film Studios is a full service production company and film studio, the only one of its kind in the English speaking Caribbean. Founded by Roger Moore and Sanna Allsopp, the Parachute team has co-produced and service produced fashion shoots, commercials, documentaries and feature films. We have run productions from Barbados to St Barth’s, Antigua to Grenada and Dominica to Haiti (as well as in the US and UK). We work with an extensive network of trusted production managers and producers here in the Caribbean and internationally. We are also proud partners of Caribbean Crews.

Unique Business Proposition & Vision/Mission Statement
Mission: “We aim to be the most productive, high-quality film production Company in our field at the least expensive

Vision: “Parachute Film Studios aims to keep growing, through professional teams, ongoing vocational training and continued passion in film, projects and original productions, to produce internationally commercially viable films. We aim for Parachute film studios to be the “go- to” international co producers in the Caribbean.”

Company Achievements: Successes, Awards, References etc.
Most recently, projects and collaborations have been featured at BFI and the Raindance film festival.

Sustainability Aspects
Our Caribbean production training centre (CPC) for ongoing professional training as well as new talent is one of our major sustainability aspects.
We make an effort to minimize, if not completely eliminate, use of plastic and styrofoam, opting to use eco- friendly and biodegradable materials for all studio and shoot – related purposes. We recently partnered with the Barbados Sea turtle project and have previously donated profits to care for indigenous wildlife. We are very passionate about the environment and especially so, given the fragility of the eco systems of small island states.

Company Product/Service Range
Some of our services include; Concept Research + Development, Research, Storyboarding, Line producing and budgeting, Casting, Equipment Rentals, Location Scouting, Permits & Logistics, On-Set & On Location Production,
Social Media Strategy & Content Creation, Long Form Documentary, Short Form Documentary and Film.

Differentiators, what makes your Company, products, services special?
We have a solid client base which we have built over the last 10 years. Our Company brings together over 30 years of unique combined experience in various departments.

Current market position, Company growth plans, Export experience and capabilities, production capabilities, Company/product certifications.
As one of the highest rated production companies in the Caribbean, clients review our services as expert and reliable. In the last 3 years we have produced, co-produced and service produced over 15+ international campaigns, in film fashion and documentary.

We have worked on a number of film and commercial projects including:

Blackbird – feature film UK/IRISH/BARBADIAN Co Production 2019
The Moon Child – Short film – 2018
Commercials Produced:
Virgin Holidays “Playground” – 2019
Tory Burch fashion Shoot 2019
Jet Blue “Card” Commercial 2018
The Grand Tour -Barbados Episode
The Sugar makers- Barbados Episode BBC