Malfinis Film & Animation Inc. (MFAS Inc.) trains young artists in animation and video production and produces creative animations for international and local consumption. Previously Malfinis Theatre Co., the Company expanded into the emerging and globally embraced sector of videography and digitally produced animation which gave birth to the establishment of the Malfinis Film and Animation Studio which was founded in 2015.

Unique Business Proposition & Vision/Mission statement
Our focus is not limited to a specific sector within film and animation and our team members have a wide range of experience in all aspects of the production pipeline and entrepreneurial skills.

Mission: “We are dedicated to providing our clients in targeted markets with higher standards, more affordable pricing, cutting edge solutions and a highly competitive production service. Above all, our goal is to maintain a productive and financially viable workplace to better serve our clients and to offer an exciting and productive working environment which fosters creativity and is replete with growth opportunities for our young creative MFAS trained and Certified Saint Lucian artists.”

Vision : “To provide world class training in Multimedia , 2D/3D Animation & Film in order to:
• Create a new genre in the animation industry, by developing a sensitivity among Saint Lucian animation artists towards a more pronounced and definitive inclusion and expression of indigenous culture, history and folklore in their creative works.
• Use new media to entertain, educate and help influence positive social change
• Empower young aspiring Saint Lucian Artists to be new and emerging in the Animation Industry within the Region.”

Company Achievements: Successes, Awards, References etc.
Our biggest success to date is the establishment and implementation of our training program in 2D animation. The program is currently being incorporated into the curriculum of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College of Saint Lucia. The program was also run in Grenada for two years, on behalf of the Grenadian government.

Sustainability Aspects
We continuously reevaluate our production pipeline to remain up to date with industry standards . We are currently incubating a CGI, special effects and 3D graphics program which will enable us to broaden our existing range of services.

Company Product/Service Range
The reach of our services are global therefore film and animation is not limited to specific cultures or diaspora. With the advent of wide-spread communications networks we are not limited to the island of Saint Lucia, nor the Caribbean region.

Differentiators, what makes your Company, products, services special?
We not only create an environment which is suitable for the growth of our business, but also the growth of the industry.

Current market position, Company growth plans, Export experience and capabilities, production capabilities, Company/product certifications.
We have been certified by ToonBoom Harmony and StoryBoard Training.